2024-2025 Senior Rep Program

Entry time to submit will close on May 3rd!

There is no time to hesitate on this great opportunity!


Do you have to be a part of the Senior Rep team in order to book just a senior session? NO!! You can choose to book just a normal session choosing from 3 different packages.

A Little About Me!

Hey, I'm Amber Canada I love to be with my family more than anything, loving listening to music (it helps me stay focused in the editing hours), read books, being a children's pastor, & of course being behind a camera. My favorite color is PINK! Not a barbie fan I just love PINK! I want to create something that not only gives amazing senior photos but an experience & a way to get creative with my seniors as well. I absolutely love everything about it. One thing about working with me is I love to get creative & go above & beyond for my seniors. We will have the best time!!

How to Become a Senior Rep?

To become a rep all you have to do is apply! Tell me all about yourself the more the details the better!! Tell me why you think you would be a great fit.


Being a senior rep for Amber Canada Photography is all about showing off your awesome photos, creating new friendships, expressing yourself through your pictures. We can travel some looking for unique settings for you & also for themed sessions.

  1. Participate in the first themed group shoot/ meet/greet (other themed shoots are not required but encouraged)
  2. Post images from your individual shoot & themed shoots on your social.
  3. Sign a release form and contract so I can show off how awesome you look!
  4. Follow me on social! Insta, Facebook, TikTok, Threads
  5. Be willing to refer as many fellow seniors to book with Amber Canada Photography as their senior photographer.
  6. Agree to not be photographed by another photographer through the duration of your time on the team (begins when you are picked and ends when you graduate) with the exception of photos taken by your school photographer. If this is broken your gallery will be removed no longer having access & you will be removed from the team.
  7. Have fun!!!

Senior Rep Perks

Being a senior rep for Amber Canada Photography has its perks.

  1. Exclusive planning for your senior experience and main senior session. Outfits, locations, and props! You will have 3 packages and price points to choose from. This will be paid for at the time of booking.
  2. Group session to mingle, meet, hang out with the rep team and just simply have fun for some free pictures. (This group session will be held end of May 2024/early June 2024.
  3. Themed shoots throughout the year & free images from those. This excludes your main senior session.
  4. $30 cap & gown mini session (30 minutes). Will need to be booked as soon as you receive your cap & gown.
  5. 30% off print products (metal prints, canvas, acrylics, regular picture prints)
  6. For 3 referral sessions booked, you'll receive a free mini family session.

so now that you're interested! What's next? apply below and share sure your hobbies, interests, if you are involved in the community, & why you think you would make an awesome Amber Canada Photography Senior rep!